Aerospace Casting Supplier Orders Vacuum Furnace - Consarc

Aerospace Casting Supplier Orders Vacuum Furnace

Tech Castings LLC, a supplier of superalloy investment castings to the commercial and military gas turbine engine markets, initiated a $4.5 million expansion at its Shirley, Ind., manufacturing facility. As part of the expansion, Tech Castings ordered a 100-pound vacuum precision investment-casting furnace from Consarc Corp. of Rancocas, N.J.

The order includes start-up and installation, and delivery is scheduled before the end of 2022. The furnace is equipped with high-vacuum capabilities, state-of-the-art controls, and increased automation. When completed, the expansion will more than double Tech Castings’ current capacity of components for the aerospace industry.

This order represents the 20th vacuum precision investment-casting furnace ordered from Consarc for delivery in North America in the last 36 months. Consarc, which is part of the Inductotherm Group of companies, has received more than 30 orders for this type of equipment in the last 36 months. 

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