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The design and manufacture of high-performance vacuum furnaces is only the beginning of what we offer.

Service and Maintenance
Consarc offers industry-leading field service and technical support. On-site service teams with extensive experience in installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting are available to diagnose and solve any issue. Our service engineers are professionally trained in all repair, rebuild, and maintenance services that your equipment requires, reducing unplanned downtime and expediting your return to production.

Understanding the capabilities of your equipment is critical for efficient and effective operation. Consarc offers both virtual and on-site training exercises for your team, including classroom and hands-on instruction for attaining the utmost performance from your equipment.

Process Development
Producing world-class material requires more than just the equipment. Our engineers and technology team consult directly with clients across the globe, leveraging decades of experience to analyze and improve production processes.

Replacement Parts
Fast access to replacement parts is crucial to our customers success. Consarc maintains an extensive spare parts inventory and a team to assist you in finding the parts you need, right when you need them.

Customizable preventative maintenance plans are available from Consarc to suit your needs. Whether you have one furnace or fifteen, we can find a solution that fits your equipment and budget.

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