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Consarc Corporation & Ampere Scientific

Consarc Corporation & Ampere Scientific proudly announce an alliance, providing the most advanced solutions to vacuum metallurgy available. Ampere Scientific and Consarc are integrating VARmetric™ with the industry leading VAR controls to provide the most integrated measurement and control system available on new VARs. For more information, please contact Ampere Scientific and/or Consarc.

Who is Ampere Scientific

Ampere Scientific develops groundbreaking technologies which revolutionize industrial processes by incorporating new sensors and controls.

•Founded in 2014

•Growing team of scientists, engineers, technicians, and support staff (12 employees currently)

•Located in Albany, OR

•Core technology is Arc Position Sensing

•Core products are VARmetric and ARControl

•Holds 14 US and International patents and applications

• Ampere Scientific is dedicated to the continuous improvement of specialty alloy production and processing. With our collection of sensor and control systems, combined with our innovative software suite, Ampere Scientific offers the most advanced Vacuum Arc Remelting process monitoring and control systems in the industry.

• As the metals industry rightly demands ever-higher quality products, the computational modeling of remelting processes becomes an essential part of production and quality assurance. Ampere Scientific embraces the significant challenges regarding the computational modeling of melting, solidification, and other processes related to VARs.

• The patented award-winning Arc Position Sensing technology invented at the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory with the goal to improve vacuum arc remelting (VAR) and electro-slag remelting (ESR) processes through Arc Position Sensing (APS). What started as an interesting physics problem to find the location of the arc has grown into a full-fledged suite of hardware and software tools to monitor black box process dynamics at high speed.

• Until now, there has been no way to “see” the electric arcs during melting or quantify the relationship between arc distributions and defects. APS solves this problem by tracking the positions of arcs in real time during the melting process.

For more information on VARmetricclick here and for more info on ARControlclick here

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