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Vacuum Induction Melting Strip Casting Furnaces

Used for the production of rare-earth magnets and metallic glasses, Strip Casting involves the induction melting of metal under vacuum or inert atmosphere. The alloy is then poured onto a water-cooled spinning copper wheel which rapidly quenches the metal, solidifying it into thin strips. A water-cooled material collection system breaks up the metal strip further, facilitating the cooling that yields superior magnetic properties.

Consarc Strip Casters are custom-designed for high-quality metallurgical processing, with an emphasis on high product throughput and industrial design for process flow, ergonomics, and safety.


Consarc Corporation

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Some features of Consarc Stip Casting Furnaces include:

  • Variable-speed water-cooled copper quench wheel
  • Strip breakup system for improved material cooling
  • Water-cooled collection hopper
  • Variable position tundish
  • Inductotherm induction melting coils specifically designed for vacuum operation
  • Inductotherm VIP Power Supplies
  • Temperature measurement – dip thermocouple, optical pyrometer
  • Robust process controls including melting and pouring profiles
  • PC-based SCADA
  • Multiple options available for material charging, alloy additions, and melt sampling
  • Video monitoring and recording

Tech Specs

Strip casting furnaces are available to suit a wide variety of processes and applications:

Pilot Scale: 5 kg – 100 kg
Production Scale: 150 kg and larger